Alarm Registration

All alarm users are required to submit an annual alarm user information form. This addresses alarms connected directly to the Village's communication center, a private monitoring firm, a proprietary central station or any other structure where an installed alarm system is capable of sounding an alarm throughout the building via the activation of a single device.  

Residence Alarm Registration Form
Please mail or drop form at:
Village of Lemont Police Department
14600 127th Street
Lemont, IL  60439

False Alarms
False alarms place the lives and property of community members in jeopardy. While police and firefighters are responding to alarms that turn out to be false, they are less likely available to respond to alarms that are valid. In addition, the occupants are less likely to believe in their system with repeated false activation.
False Alarm Ordinance 9.08.020

False Alarm Fees
This fee is applied when the Village of Lemont’s Communication Center is notified of four or more police or fire-related false alarms by a single user within a calendar year.

Yearly False Alarm Fees
0 thru 4th $0.00
5th thru 8th $50.00
9th thru 20th $75.00
21st & above $500.00