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February 2018

What are the parking restrictions after snowfall in Lemont?

After a snowfall of more than 2 inches of snow, odd/even parking restrictions begin at 9 am the morning following the snowfall, and continue for 48 hours in order to give the Village a chance to plow all of the Village streets.  All vehicles parked on village streets must be on the odd address side on odd days and even address side on even days.

10.16.140. - Snow removal parking restrictions.

After a snowfall of two inches or more has occurred, vehicles shall be prohibited from parking on all village streets except those vehicles parked for 24 hours only along village streets on odd-numbered days on the side of the street corresponding to the odd-numbered street addresses, and for 24 hours only on even-numbered days on the side of the street corresponding to the even-numbered street addresses. Each 24-hour period shall commence at 9:00 a.m. following the two inches or more of snowfall. The chief of police, or any other person authorized by the village mayor and board of trustees, shall take whatever measures are deemed necessary to notify the citizenry whenever the odd and even parking plan is in effect.

(Code 1964, § 14.504; Code 1988, § 10.16.150)

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