About Lemont

A Brief History...

Settled in 1836, and incorporated in 1873, historic Lemont is one of the oldest and most unique communities in northeastern Illinois. With rolling hills and three waterways providing a scenic view, Lemont offers a peaceful atmosphere unique to the Chicagoland area.

Lemont's colorful early history began in the late 1830s with the construction of the Illinois and Michigan Canal, and with the influx of immigrant workers who settled and remained. By the mid 1800s, limestone quarrying became the big business in Lemont and was the main cause of the town's growth. Many fine local examples of buildings constructed with Lemont limestone still exist, including the Historic Chicago Water Tower landmark on Michigan Avenue.

Local government and community volunteers have forged strong partnerships to rejuvenate both the I and M Canal and the old limestone quarries, with the goal of utilizing them for recreational and commercial use.